Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle Annex, Japanese Ramen, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tsujita LA Artistan Noodle ANNEX
2050 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 231-0222
11am-12am (11:30 PM Last Order) 7 days a week

It has been years since  I have eaten on Japanese food on Sawtelle, and it sure has changed a whole lot. Kelly and I wanted to have something special for our wedding anniversary, so we wanted to try something great, and I kept reading reviews of Tsujita and especially of it's annex.

When you get there, neither will be hard to find as there are huge lines for both and they are across the street from each other. At the annex, it is in a little parking lot where they have setup chairs to wait. There are no reservations, no takeout and it is cash only. You put your name on a list, an they wait a while, then when they are getting ready they come over to you and take your order, then you wait some more and get brought in. We waited for a little over an hour, and people just kept coming, but some people do leave, so sometimes you will move up the list quickly!

The inside is quite small, though not packed, with a sushi style bar with the chefs behind it, and a couple of tables (which we sat at) and traditional Japanese music playing.

Kelly and I both wanted to try the Tsukemen, which is Ramen with the noodles cooked, but seperate for dipping into your bowl of delicious pork bone broth. We both got Tsukemen with Char siu (pork) though I got a large. You get the same sized boll with broth, which comes with garlic and Onikasu (red Spice, though you can get it without, and there is ample more at the table) and a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg. In the broth is some pork that is melty delicious, and some more cold pork in with the noodles that you put in the broth to heat up.

I was so excited to eat that I was late taking a picture, so this from their menu, and then after I had eaten quit a bit.

Prepare to get messy, as you could use a big with all the dipping and slurping, of which there will be a lot. The broth is fatty and salty and vinegary and delicious, and the Onikasu is not too spicy at all but perfect.

This will make you realize what is so special about Ramen. It is so damn good! Just incredible! This is absolutely amazing food!

Honestly my only complaint is it is a bit too salty for my pallet, but then post my heart surgery I really stay away from salt even more that I used to, and is so good it is worth the extra salt to try this delicious dish!

Man this place is good!

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