Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trejo's Tacos, Gourmet Mexican Food, Los Angeles, CA

Trejo's Tacos
1048 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 938-TACO
M-Sun 11a - 9p

My wife and I love Tacos and, I have been a fan of Danny Trejo for a long time (I love the Bad Asses series!). So i have been waiting for Trejo's Tacos for some time.

Parking is a bear, but there is valet parking that costs $3, or you can download an app for your phone, and pay with Apple Pay for $3.30.

The place is small, with only about 4 tables inside and outdoor tables with benches and overhead heaters. And the line is outside and moves slowly as everyone chats when ordering, especially asking when Danny Trejo shows up. Which sounds to be often. They do hand out menus in line to make ordering easier. Tacos are $4-6 dollars.

We wanted to try allot, we got the guacamole with chips and street corn and pickled onions, jalapeƱos and carrots for appetizers, and got the tofu, steak asada, pulled beef brisket, slow roasted pork tacos, and a black iced tea which was very strong and flavorful. They also have a water station with cucumber and citrus infused water and pretty tasty, though not very hot red and green salsas.

The guacamole is good, with onions, jalapeƱo, lime and pistachios. It is thick and tasty, though could use a bit more lime, and cones with a decent amount of chips.

The Street Corn or elote is superb, the best thing we had! Fresh off the cob, roasted corn with spuces, chipotle cream and popcorn. This is delicious, i just wish it was a bigger portion! So good!

The Tacos all had a decent spicy kick which I liked.

The Black Pepper Tofu taco was OK. Fried Tofu chunks with caramelized shallots and pickled onions was a bit too sweet for my taste. And not enough Mexican flavors.

The Pulled Beef Brisket Taco with pico de gallo, crunchy tortilla strips and cotija cheese was good, though not amazing.

The Slow Roasted Pork Taco with red onion and fermented red chili hot sauce. Again was good.

The Steak Asada Taco with toasted pepita pesto and cucumber slaw was the best taco I had, though I like my own better (yes I make pretty good asada tacos).

All pretty good, and very gourmet, and pricy, at over $40 for lunch. And I can honestly say I prefer $1 street tacos! They aren't gourmet, but I do love traditional tacos, though my own tacos I do top with my own variation on mexican slaw. The Street Corn was fantastic, but really not worth the trip.

Good, but not great like I wanted!

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