Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jumpink Dak, Korean Gang-Jeong Chicken, Buena Park, CA

Jumping Dak
7550 Orangethorpe Ave, Ste E100
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 739-1999

Kelly and I went to the Animaniacs Live Show in La Mirada, and needed a place to eat quick near there, and this Korean fast food place jumped out at me. Figured it would be fast and decent, but what a surprise, it was amazing!

REALLY AMAZING! Possibly the best fried chicken I have ever had! And inexpensive!

It is a fried chicken place with 3 sauces, so you can get plain, sweet, spicy and very spicy. I got spicy and Kelly got a small order of sweet with a side of delicious (not at all mayonnaise-ey) cole slaw!

The sweet is very tasty with nuts on it, and the chicken is crisp on the outside and moist inside.

I got the meal with fries and pickled radish, and the spicy has a kick but is easy to take.

It also comes with a biscuit though it was a bit dry, but the fries were great.

The chicken is fantastic, and inexpensive, and I was there was one of these right near me, but unfortunately thee is only the one!


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