Friday, February 16, 2018

Rosarito Fish Market, Mexican, Seafood, Ceviche, Fish Tacos, San Fernando, CA

Rosarito Fish Market
1534 San Fernando Road
San Fernando, CA 91340

The Fish Tacos

The Camaron Tostada

The Ceviche Tostada a must have

I saw the reviews of this place here on yelp, so my wife and I just had to try it. And it was so mindblowingly good we took my mom when she came out.

Now it is in a pretty sketchy looking stip mall with ample parking, but not very nice looking. And the places decor is only so so, but the food, oh the food.

The ceviche tostadas are literally amazing! As are the fish tacos! I mean you would never expect that this place would have such a great high quality of food, but it does! Just amazing! Now the tostada cameron was not as good, as it is just standard shrimp, but the ceviche and fish are just fantastic.

Now I recommend when you get the Ceviche tostada quickly pull the crispy tortilla from under the ceviche, so you have 2 to break up and eat the Ceviche on! That is what I saw other people doing and it is the perfect way or the tortilla underneath will get soggy from all the lime juice!

This place is really a must try. It is that good! The food is just so tasty and clean and delicious that everyone should try it!

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  1. The food is so good and fresh , the prices are for all budget and it's in a perfect area with transportation not beeing a problem . I'm often staying and working on auto clicker mac while i'm taking my meal .