Friday, February 16, 2018

Szechuan Place, Chinese, Sichuan, Northridge, CA

Szechuan Place
9250 North Reseda Blvd, Ste 8
Northridge, CA 91324

OMG! This place is fantastic! I saw an article on thrillist about the 23 essential Chinese Restaurants in Los Angeles and was blown away that a real Szechuan place had opened in the San Gabriel Valley, so we had to try it. And we were blown away! Now I know their has been a big Sichuan food renaissance in Los Angeles, and I love Sichuan food, but I still have to go to Yunchuan Garden in Monteray Park at least once a year because it is just so good (and it is still great).

It is in a corner shopping plaza with ample parking and has very nice decor and a very friendly staff.

Szechuan Place is great! So great I might not be driving out to Monteray Park for my Sichuan food anymore!

The food is spicy, but has the perpercorn numbing of Sichuan food, so it isn;t that bad. In fact the biggest problem is that we order so much food because it is all so good! I mean their Dan Dan Noodles are great, but so are so their Dan Dan Dumplings. And the Fish in Hot Oil (I forget what it is called on the menu) is amazing and just the flavor I love in Sichuan food! The chicken is great! Everything we have had is amazing! I love the cold dishes from the counter (especially the potato strips, but also the chicken gizzard and mushrooms, in fact I just love all the food!

And it is reasonably priced and you get so much food! The food is awesome!

And the best part if that they give you a big bottle of ice water! I need alot of water when I eat Sichuan food and used to just suffer in San Gabriel, but the locations means white people will go too, and I need ice water, and they provide it!

We have already been twice, and I am thinking at least once a month I can get my Sichuan fix! WOOHOO! THIS PLACE IS JUST AWESOME!

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